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With ROKA, you have the benefit of a rich menu of diverse financial services and products. We will work with you to define your short- and long-term financial goals, and we’ll match those goals with a wealth plan that works for you. Every individual’s financial picture is unique. That’s why an integrated comprehensive approach based on your present life circumstances and your future objectives is so important. We aren’t a “factory” financial advisory firm. Instead, we bring solid knowledge and steadfast integrity to the process on a case-by-case basis, taking the time to listen carefully and ask the right questions.

Often, the affluent clients we serve choose a number of the options below. Taken together, these services and products constitute the foundation of an integrated wealth plan. But you don’t have to go all in with both feet. You can pick and choose from the menu, just as you would at your favorite 3-star Michelin gourmet restaurant!


Fee-based wealth management
We will manage your portfolio for you, ensuring that your assets remain diversified and balanced as stock and bond markets trend up or down. While we work to grow your wealth, you can concentrate on other important matters.

Transactional wealth management
We will provide in-depth portfolio analysis to ascertain where you stand today in terms of diversification between stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and to determine that you are not overly weighted in any given industry sector. Then we’ll make buy and sell recommendations. We can do this for you on an hourly fee basis, leaving you to walk away with the plan to implement as you see fit. Or, we can actually make the buys and sells for you on the usual commission basis, putting us in the more traditional role of a typical financial adviser.

Retirement planning and cash flow management
This is a big part of our business. In fact, ROKA is an acronym that stands for Retirement Options Knowledgeable Advice! Many of our affluent clients become quite puzzled when considering how to best plan retirement moves that integrate Social Security and Medicare issues with investment income, fixed and variable annuities, long-term care insurance, life insurance and estate planning and gifting. Tax liabilities are another area of major importance. We have many years of experience in all financial issues pertaining to retirement. We are experts on all financial issues pertaining to retirement planning and managing your retirement cash flow. We can manage your tax-deferred retirement accounts, roll over an existing 401(k), manage your taxable accounts, advise you on the viability of a fixed or variable annuity to augment your retirement income or hedge against long-term care costs, advise you on long-term care insurance and so much more! Retirement planning is an essential component of your wealth plan even if you are young.

Alternative investment services
The stock and bond markets typically constitute the lion’s share of most portfolios, and for good reason. With the right balance, you can realize excellent long-term returns even during periods of market volatility. Let us show you some options for alternative investments such as Non-Traded REITS that may make sense for your portfolio.*

Insurance products and services
There are all kinds of insurance products to cover any number of hazards. When it comes to your finances, it’s important to explore how insurance can fit in with the bigger financial puzzle you’re trying to solve. We can provide expert advice on health, disability, universal and term life insurance, life insurance with long-term care riders, and traditional long-term care insurance. We sell a number of superior insurance products in these sectors.

Fixed and variable annuities
Fixed and variable annuities can provide income during retirement. They can also be used to pay for long-term care in some cases. Annuities aren’t right for everyone. However, they can play a powerful role in terms of retirement cash flow as you grow older. We can provide you with the information you need to make the right choices! We sell a number of excellent fixed and variable annuities from some of the country’s biggest and best insurance companies.

Bear in mind that some alternative investments may not be liquid for 5 years, there is no public market in which to sell your shares, your investment is not guaranteed, nor is dividend distribution


  • 1031 Exchanges (Real Estate) College Saving Plan
  • Legacy
  • Medicare/Medicaid Retirement Plans
  • Social Security
  • Tax Planning
  • Trusts
  • Alternative Investments Equity Options
  • Mutual Funds
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts Stock, Bonds, ETF’s
  • 401K and 403B
  • Teachers' Retirement Systems Expertise
    • Personal
      • Disability
      • Health
      • Insurance Audits
      • Life
      • LTC
      • Medicare Advantage & Supplements
    • Business


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